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Syv / Nov 05, 2012

About us:
Most of us played under the name Shadow Ryders, we were a bit more hardcore then we are now, we try to make most of what we can while sticking to raiding 3 nights a week.
Note that we are still a very dedicated and serious people when it comes to raiding. We want to build very solid core to clear all of the end content while it still relevant.

We are always looking for exceptional players to improve our raiding roster and guild community even if we aren't recruiting your class.!

Currently recruiting:
*Shaman (Resto/Ele)
* Rogue

We raid 3 days per week from 19:45 to 24:00
- Wednesday
- Thursday
- Sunday

* You are expected to attend all three raids, unless agreed upon before you join.
* Loot System: Loot council based on: Performance - Attendance - Attitude.
* Communication: We use TeamSpeak 3 and you MUST be able to communicate on it.

What we expect from you
- You should shine through your application.

-You have to be mature, active and have a sense of humor.

- Your internet connection must be stable. Any unpredicted disconnects will result in you failing the trial in a blink of an eye.

- You have to be able to use Teamspeak and be communicative. Passive attitude and lack of comments/objections to given orders is not the way to go.

- Obvious things like proper prof, gear, spec, gems enchants etc..

- You are willing to do what it takes to keep your character in the best shape possible for any encounter. Farming gear/consumables and wiping for several hours a couple of days a week is not a problem.

- You know how to play your class preferably with all 3 specs; we gear a lot of people up for 2 specs and have them swap around wherever it’s needed to keep a small guild roster and gear up as efficiently as possible.

GroupTwo Management - Salahadin Fjolliz Syv and Tirad.
Lieris / Apr 06, 2012
After over an hour of death and misery, Group Two finally conquered the first boss of the first instance in Mists of Pandaria. Choice quotes include:

"I one shot this yesterday with a PUG."
"Look at my flying kick!"
"Is your heal like... an err, Penance?"

Group Two's worst finest eventually cleared their way to and killed the Sha of Doubt although what exactly do healing Monks spend their Chi on remained shrouded in mystery...