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Syv / May 08, 2013

Bouncing back from another week of AFK's we started the night with Pringli solo healing Jin'rohk (it was Sepo's fault I died!), made quick work of Horridon and then onto Tortos. A few attempts to familiarise ourselves with mechanics and he went down rather easily! - giving us time to try Primordius on Sunday.
Syv / Apr 28, 2013

What a week! 3 new heroic bosses down.
After some troubles last week and a few close calls this week Horridon was a 1-shot.
Ji-Kun was next in our sights and we managed to get him on the last pull of the night.
The 3rd new kill for the week was Iron Qon which also went down without to much trouble. Only a short week (2 raids) due to AFK's but looking promising for next week!