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[Pinned] Funny pictures, videos & links

For Battlefield 3 fans
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SO where did we all end up

So guys, where did ya all end up going?Enjoying the new guilds/servers#sickgamers for life
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Thanks for the run gusy!

So, i guess it's thanks for this time now?Cya around i guess, if you wanna keep in touch my ID is Toffe#2691
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Malchezar6701Small Syv 4y
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Botswana pics

Why would I take a week and 1/2 away from heroic progress raids? Here's why :PThese are a few of my favourites.Full collection from my trip is here
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SWTOR For Rinz Screenshot of Alderaan level 25-30 Quest PlanetAs you enjoy ret paladin i would reccomend Jedi Sentinel melee lightsaber class can tank or deeps Im a Jedi Consular which is a Rogue / Spriest Backsta...
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Shadowmourne Help

Need some help with Infusion Quests and then weekly ICC till aquire 50 shards on DK every item will be rolled out except tabard to guildies so if you can lend a hand let me know For those who dont know which items are up for grabsDwarf Costume - T...
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Fource5436Member avatar small Dazsh 4y
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WATCH THIS else agree? I didn't get to see Naxx, but cleared everything in TBC
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WoW Theme park?!

WoW inspired Theme park
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Le time

Thanks for the time raiding with your guys i guessCya around - Cheers
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so whats cracking
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How i feel
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Last night

Sorry about me disappearing last night, dont know what happened to the router but it doesnt work at all, but i got a new one and it's up and running, hope i didnt ruin the raid!
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I have a month off from 17th of december. i want to level a few chars, Post here if your interestedYou can recruit me or vice versa. Will sort out more intricate details later;-D
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Router dead backpeddle, sorry

After 2 hours of trying I give up, I'm going to buy a new router back in an hour. See of that works.
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RIP Red Bull inventor
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We need more music !

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Google Project Glass

Project Glass, an enterprise at Google's highly secretive Google X lab, released photos and posted a video to YouTube on Wednesday to preview the search company's long-rumored foray into building a better pair of specs.
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I'll be passing time by playing Saints Row: 3.If anyone is bored and wants to do some Co-op, add me on Steam.
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Crummy3457Small Syv 5y
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Diablo 3 Builds

This is what I'm thinking I might aim for. Unless I find I don't like it when playing it that is. I'm pretty set on the Demon Hunter being my main. That or the witch doctor.Demon Hunter Build
Small Kristin 5y
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Lego+Gameboy+Tetris+Transformers = Ultimate 80's toy?

Domaster & Tetrawing - Nintendo Game Boy & Tetris Transformers!
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