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[Pinned] About Group Two
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[Pinned] About Group Two

Group Two is a 3 night raiding guild, and have been playing together for the best part of a year now. Up until Jan 2012 we raided within Shadow Ryders as the second raid group, Group Two: the casual brother to the more hardcore Group One. Having g...
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Thought i recognised your voice pringli
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Me and Rinzler Are Making an ALT Raid for Tomorow all are welcome to join on Raid Ready Alts So Sign Up Below it will start at 5:00 and will Be clearing MSV/ToES Normal Modes and if all goes well HoF alsoBelow Is The Register so leave a reply with...
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So Yeah Basically Those Who Are Interested with Raid Ready Alts post a comment etc below Possible Raid DaysFriday - Saturday or Monday - To Clear As Much As Possible in Current TierRosterTanks ---------> Sepo(Death Knight)Healers --------->M...
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UI of carlaena

What Ui is The sv hunter using to make the bottom of the screen like it is in the youtube videos? is the video in question.
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Aadrika Elemental shaman

Guild ApplicationPersonal informationAge:28Gender: MaleNationality: IsraelOccupation: microsoft engineerCharacter informationCharacter’s name This is Aadrika character’s playe...
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Dragon Soul Challenge - Vodka vs. Method Dragon Soul Challenge is a head-to-head speed clear competition between vodka and Method. With no buff and no stopping, the first guild to fully clear 25 playe...
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KONY 2012

If u got 30min ... Watch this!'s raid Kony before the release of MOP!!
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Way to go!

Even though it's a bit late, I just wanted to congratulate you guys with making your own guild, had been thinking for a long time that you were way too awesome to play in the shadow of somebody else.Good to see that you're finally able to get the ...
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Join the fight against ACTA!
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The Exiles+others under new grp name?

Hey guys, i just wanted to know whos actually in the guild, and if you have been regouped with another guild under a new name. I know a couple of you from your old names, but have no clue about who has changed names. Greetings, Rod.
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For (mostly) Lieris
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Sorry Yahudan

So Yahu this rogue from Exorsus already has his Legendary Daggers. Can't belive it's this much faster in 25man:(
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Sorry Weedow

Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps Balance IssuesThere are several things that we want to follow-up on and clarify:We noticed Retribution DPS was higher than we expected. We investigated and realized Gurthalak was the cause.We further realized (and sev...
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Guildox and WoW Progress Profiles

GuildoxWoW Progress
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